Helping our Investors 

Develop their Path to Greatness

At Helios Global Investments, LLC we specialize in managing wealth and assets through strategic private equity allocation.  We help professionals as well as business owners and families work towards financial security by recommending the best solutions to help them reach their financial goals. Our area of expertise lies in the Structuring and Management of Investment Portfolios seeking to generate the highest possible return consistent with the profile of each client.

At Helios Global Investments, LLC we have developed a series of principles that stand as a representation of our belief in building and maintaining long-term relationships. We like to call them our “core values”… the starting point and touchstone of our work.

We promote transparency, honesty and consistency in our work. It means we stay true to ourselves and to others. We don´t focus on doing what´s easiest, we focus on doing what is right by relying on the talent of our team to deliver high quality service that will consistently exceed your financial goals and expectations.

We work collaboratively and as a team to achieve the best results possible. Working collectively and being proactive is how we move forward. Delivering solutions to your investment needs is our commitment. We are passionate about continuously enhancing the efficiency of our service to satisfy your demands honoring the privacy of your information by ensuring its protection and confidentiality as one of our top priorities.




We are responsible for the crafting of customized investment solutions and for advising clients regarding matters related to investment policy, asset allocation, cash flow analysis, product selection, and performance analytics. Our practice is reserved to an exclusive group of uniquely successful clients, allowing us the time needed to carefully customize our services and solutions. We have become a trusted and credible source of unbiased objective financial advice and counsel to help individuals and families properly manage their wealth and other financial matters. Most importantly we act as true fiduciaries to always act in the best interest of our clients.