At Helios Global Investments, LLC we specialize in managing wealth and assets through strategic private equity allocation.  We help professionals as well as business owners and families work towards financial security by recommending the best solutions to help them reach their financial goals. Our area of expertise lies in the Structuring and Management of Investment Portfolios seeking to generate the highest possible return consistent with the profile of each client.

We are responsible for the crafting of customized investment solutions and for advising clients regarding matters related to investment policy, asset allocation, cash flow analysis, product selection, and performance analytics.


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Worry-free Solutions for Your Investment Needs


A Different Approach

We combine decades of experience across hundreds of deals nationwide to help clients maximize goals.


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We have forged an extensive big-league network of long-standing relationships to efficiently secure desired client outcomes.


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Quality Over Quantity

We created a model that is completely independent, aligned with our clients’ interests, and fully transparent, helping us avoid
the typical conflicts which arise with traditional wealth advisory services